The Honey Pot Company: Black History and Female Owned Product Feature

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"Made by humans with vaginas for humans with vaginas, because it takes one to know one." That is the tagline on @thehoneypotco products and I love it. . . Last year during @essencefest at the #wellnesshouse I had the pleasure of moderating a discussion that included Honey Pot founder Beatrice Dixon (@iambeadixon) and the founder of @shotrubylove. . . Recently I had the opportunity to try products from The Honey Pot Company and I am truly a new fan. This post is not sponsored. I just hope that you learn something new and check out the company if you are looking for new hygiene products. . . In my recent #Vagacent Live on Facebook, I was talking about how to clean up the downtown. Listen to us talk about products and ingredients that you want to stay away from, as well as HOW to clean. . . I tried the "Sensitive Wash" and I am absolutely a believer. They even have on the packaging "gynecologists love it." Yep, I do. . . And hey, it's still black history month. Very few African American Owned products reach mainstream distribution like this. Shouts out to @thehoneypotco for trailblazing with a good product. . . What products do you all like? What should we be checking out? Leave it in the comments. #dreverywoman #thehoneypotco #femininehygiene #byhumanswithvaginas #forhumanswithvaginas #naturalproducts #naturalingredients #safeingredients #ewg #blackowned #womanowned #supporteachother

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