The Jam TV Show | The Raw Truth About Pregnancy

Time for some real talk. Dr. Wendy Mcdonald was back in studio to set the record straight about pregnancy.

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The Jam TV Show | Hump Day | Dr. Wendy McDonald Helps Us Understand Women

Do women fart? From breast sensitivity to mood swings to flatulence, Dr. Wendy Mcdonald was here to tell the unfiltered truth.

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The Jam TV Show | Yay or Nay in the VaJay with Dr. Wendy McDonald

It's hump day and today we're talking about our lady parts. OB/Gyn. Dr. Wendy McDonald has seen a lot and heard a lot of what women do to their ‘nether regions.’ She was in to tell us "yay or nay" to

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Scary Mommy: 8 Feminine Wipes To Keep Your Lady Bits Feeling Fresh When You Just Don’t Have Time To Shower

Even if you’ve recently showered, hot summer days, a midday home workout, or even long stretches sitting in a chair can increase odor down there, notes Wendy C. Goodall McDonald, MD....

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